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A Mother’s Love

Posted on: April 2nd, 2019

A mother knows her children better than anyone. We know what will soothe them when they are sick, and what will send them into a tantrum with no warning. We know their fears and also their favorite night time song.

As a mom we feel the need to “fix” every little thing that comes along that may hurt our children.

When my son was little I knew he had his little “quirks”, I also thought how cute they were and that someday he would no longer have those “quirks”.  I saw that he was behind on talking, I didn’t over react when his teacher told me he couldn’t cut paper. I simply said of course he can. He just didn’t cut it the way his teacher expected him too.

My son was diagnosed with autism along with several other medical conditions. It was a blow for me as a mom because I knew life was going to always be harder for him. I realized that as his mother I was going to have to change the way I lived my life. Was it always easy? NO! And he is now 22 and it is still hard for me to understand how he sees the world sometimes. But, he has taught me so much over the years.

He, like all children diagnosed with autism has had to work much harder to learn how to live in the world around them at times. April is autism awareness month. This is the month that people take notice of our children. I believe that if the world would only take a step back and really get to know our children we would live in a world that was full of kindness, acceptance, love.