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K8ebands have a water sensor that will help prevent accidental drownings. The bands are waterproof with a water sensor that alerts the parent immediately upon the child being submerged into water. This feature has NO distance to work. The child can be standing right by you and should they fall into the water you will be alerted. The water sensor can be “silenced “ by the parent. The special key included makes it difficult for the child to remove our K8ebands. The bands, when properly put on the child will not easily slip off.

K8ebands has a safe zone. The distance of that zone is either 30 feet if you have our smart watch OR you can set you own safety distance if you download our Android app.
If the child leaves the safety perimeter the adult is alerted by lights, sound and vibration.
You can sync multiple children to our smart watch or app.

K8ebands has a “break-a-way” feature that will allow the band to breakaway on the event of entrapment. Otherwise, the child band is difficult to put on or take off without the special key that is included. This special feature may prevent a predator from removing the child’s band. It also will be difficult for the child to remove the band.

K8ebands has a low battery indicator. The parent band holds a charge of approximately 18 hours before it needs to be recharged again. The child band will have a one year life battery and the battery is replaceable

K8ebands were originally designed for autistic and special needs children in mind. However after the development of the bad we realized that it will help save lives of all children.

Each synchronized band will not interfere with other bands

The technology is simple but powerful! There is no need to purchase apps, phones, or pay monthly fees.

Parent band built on a Smart watch.