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Being A Mother

Posted on: March 14th, 2019

I remember the day being a warm, sunny day. My family had left for a day out while I had stayed behind with my then 18 month-old son. He was playing in his room like he often did, I never left him for long without checking on him.

I looked in his room and didn’t see him, I wasn’t a mom that panicked quickly, besides my son often played in his closet. I open the doors to his closet expecting to find him looking up at me. This time I didn’t see that mischievous smile. I still didn’t panic. I walked thru the house calling his name, I looked upstairs thinking maybe he had crawled over the baby gate, I even looked outside. I am starting to worry. I can’t find him anywhere. I go to my neighbors, maybe he climbed over the fence? No one is home. I called my family telling them Caleb is missing!

I happened to think maybe he went to the neighbors and got into their shed, that was the one place I had not looked.  Sure enough, I opened the door and there he was just playing away.

I felt like a terrible mother, who loses their child?

It happens to all of us, no matter how much we watch them. It only takes SECONDS!

I wish I would have had K8ebands then, together with parents across the nation, we vow to help keep our children safe, always