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Here Are Some Tips That Can Help Keep Our Children Safe This Summer!

Posted on: May 8th, 2019

  1. Always Supervise children no matter the age.
  2. Have swim rituals. These will help your child not get into the pool on the spur of the moment. Rituals can consist of always putting on sunscreen then, putting on a hat, putting on swim suit, or any other activity before being allowed in the pool.  Any ritual that your family makes up can help reduce a child from jumping into the pool on a whim.
  3. Always use a flotation device.
  4. If your child uses a face mask check that it fits securely, if water is able to seep through it becomes a safety hazard.
  5. Give your child swim lessons.
  6. Always have adults close that knows how to perform CPR. (https://www.redcross.org/ )
  7. Teach your child the “blow bubbles” technique. This teaches children to blow bubbles in the water instead of intaking water.
  8. Always put gates around the pool area.