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Stigma? What stigma!

Posted on: October 18th, 2018

I have not told many people about this because I know the stigma that comes with this type of thing: I thought the same thing until it happened to me!

I believe “busy” has become some sort of merit badge for parents. One that I felt I wore up until a few years ago.  I ripped that sucker off one sunny afternoon when I was coordinating a kid’s switch with my husband in a busy parking lot off highway 75.  I needed to get our daughter picked up from dance and take her to another town for her voice lesson, and I needed daddy to take the boys on home. While asking her to change clothes in the car I decided ITS NOT WORTH IT! From that day on we have reevaluated the “busy” aspect of our lives/family.

Our lives are busy without the added aspects.

As a business owner/ working momma, I had my hands and MY MIND in high speed every day.  Trying to make sure my job was successful was a full-time job in itself… then add in a couple kids; that brings on a second FULL TIME JOB. Right?!  We are BUSY. Distracted, at times.  Honestly, unable to focus. We are Moms (and dads).  We are good parents. We attend the ball games, we make sure their teeth are brushed and clothes are clean. We even volunteer time to the PTA. Our kids are well rounded, Christ centered, genuinely good kids; because we are good parents.

So, how does a good parent forget their kid is in the car?!

Let me tell you. I did it. I was busy and distracted with errands, managing phone calls and emails. It happens. Even to the best of us.  Hank was only in the warm, locked car for about 10 minutes before I realized what I had done.  THANKFULLY, he was just fine.  I, however, was mortified.


K8ebands help keep our kids safe in so many circumstances.  If Hank and I had been using K8ebands, I would have been alerted as soon as I exited the car and shut the door with him inside.