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We See It In The News Every Single Day

Posted on: September 28th, 2018

We see it in the news every single day, a child has gone missing! It breaks my heart, just as I am sure it does yours.

Here at K8ebands, our aim is to PREVENT this from happening.  What if we could keep these children from wondering off, too far for us to see, before we even noticed they were out of sight: where a possible stranger may have access to them? What if we could prevent these families from such heartache when their little one is missing?

Our goal to help save the lives of children. From accident. From being exploited. From drowning.

Accidental childhood drownings are a leading cause of death.  K8ebands will lower that statistic!

I have 6 children, and a pool! We are very careful that the pool gates stay locked and we are aware of everything when the kids are playing in the back yard.  We are good parents, right? Yes, that’s right; but, so are Bode Miller and his wife, whose child drowned.  Accidents happen! To ALL of us.

Child safety. It is a priority, as a parent, as a grandparent, as human beings, in general.